Parking & Storage

We offer Parking and Storage Spaces in Kitsilano located near 2nd and Vine St.

These spaces can be rented at minimum of one month. There is a discounted rate if parking or storage is pre-paid for 6-months in advance.

A few general rules for Parking and Storage:

  • Vehicles must be presentable and cannot leak any fluid.
  • Small Boats can be stored as long as the fit in a regular parking space
  • Vehicles must be insured at all times (at minimum storage insurance)
  • Vehicles cannot be used as storage and nothing hazardous or dangerous can be in the vehicle.
  • Storage Units cannot store any hazardous or dangerous items.
  • No perishable items can be stored in Vehicles or Storage Units
  • The tenant/renter assumes all risk and liabilities while using the facilities for parking or storage and indemnifies the owner/landlord harmless for any negligent acts or omissions

Please contact us at for availability and pricing